A Fighting Program to Restore America

Wall Street caused the ongoing economic depression with reckless financial speculation. We must rebuild federal and state budgets, reduce the deficit, and shift finance back toward productive capital investment. Wall Street must pay its fair share with a 1% sales tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives. Read More ›
The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that America needs to invest $3.6 trillion in our roads, bridges and other public infrastructure over the next 10 years to achieve its "C" grade. We need to think bigger. I will demand to use the credit-creating power of the Federal Reserve to issue long-term, interest-free credit for both ongoing repairs and major new infrastructure projects. Read More ›
What happened to "Made in America"? The winning traditions of a tariff to protect industry from low-wage countries and a Parity price to protect farms from the Wall Street grain cartel were undone by Wall Street predators. Let's restore economic protections for the real "Job Creators" and rebuild an economy that can sustain generations of Americans to come. Read More ›
I agree with my Republican opponents that Obamacare is bad for America. But I disagree that we should return to a free market system that let countless Americans die for Wall Street's profits. I will fight to make Medicare available to all Americans. Read More ›
I will co-sponsor and fight to expand Sen. Elizabeth Warren's "Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act," a bill that will force the Federal Reserve to refinance federal student loans at 0.75%. I will also fight for policies of economic growth that will rebuild State budgets and lighten the burden of tuition on students and their parents. Read More ›
I have been a proud and vocal peace activist for decades, and I believe America must show its strength through diplomacy, friendship and economic development rather than through war. Read More ›
  • Abraham Lincoln famously warned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    The once-proud Republican and Democratic parties have divided the American people against each other. The loyalty of our politicians to Wall Street, the war machine and the super-rich knows no bounds.

    There is another way – I ask you to stand with me and fight for it.

The central problem for American voters is a declining standard of living. Life is getting more expensive, and work is getting harder to find. This is not only borne out by facts related to employment, production and purchasing power – we feel it in our everyday lives. The reasons for our economic decline should be obvious, but are assiduously avoided by most candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties:

Attn: Nebraska voters:

Dan Buhrdorf, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska with the Tax Wall Street Party, will be in Kearney and Grand Island, NE this week collecting petition signatures to be on the ballot against Ben Sasse and Dave Domina.

Like most Nebraskans, Dan is pro-industry and anti-Wall Street, and he’s calling to take back the Federal Reserve, restore a protective tariff and shift the tax burden off the middle class an onto Wall Street speculators.

We Need Your Help!

Our grassroots campaign relies on the generous contributions of friends and volunteers. We currently need volunteer help with:

  • Circulating petitions for ballot access
  • Organizing speaking opportunites / house parties
  • Getting the word out about the campaign